My Melodic Progressive House
Music: Takuma Iwakawa
Photographer: 横田 大 (Dai Yokota)


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Progressive House 2013 (Old version) (Japan) (U.S.A.) (United Kingdom)

Release date:2013-11

Sounds Living by Takuma Iwakawa

Sounds Living by Takuma Iwakawa

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Release Date:2013-03-03

Genres:Techno / Progressive House / Post Classic

Music Artist: Takuma Iwakawa

MusicAlbum “Sounds Living” is 2nd release of RockRiverRecords

MusicTitle / 01.Mentality / 02.Blue Earth Blue / 03.Traveling Outer Space / 04.Hard To Find the Truth / 05.50cc / 06.I Fondle 5Yen-Coin in My Wallet / 07.Time Goes By / 08.Eternity / 09.Melancholy of 8bit / 10.Floating Snow / 11.Silent of the Mountain / 12.Highway / 13.Can you Believe (Takuma Iwakawa feat.Danny Claire)

Road to 777 - Takuma Iwakawa

Road to 777 – Takuma Iwakawa

Album Artist : Takuma Iwakawa

Release date:2012-12-22

Electronica music artist “Takuma Iwakawa” `s first album from RockRiverRecords.

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Music Title :01-Computer Virus / 02-Sound / 03-Osaka Culture / 04-Planet / 05-Road to 777 / 6-Ikioi / 7-Shield / 8-True or Not / 9-Defender / 10-Go / 11-Fearful / 12-Somersault

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